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Library Lin's Services

I'm a former librarian and book fanatic who provides copyediting and line editing for writers of general nonfiction and website editing for businesses and individuals.

My Editing Services

Manuscript editing

Improve the coherency and correctness of your prose.

Website editing

Make your website content delivers your message clearly.

Manuscript Editing



I provide line editing and copyediting for book-length manuscripts in the humanities, particularly history, religion and spirituality, general reference, cookbooks, and general interest works. 



My copyediting skills can be applied to your magazine, newspaper, and trade journal articles. 



Line editing or copyediting can enhance your reputation. I can perform these services for academic papers, reports, proposals, and white papers.  

Levels of editing:

Line editing

Line editing is the most intensive level of editing I do. It's generally performed after a developmental edit which deals with your manuscript's structure. Line editing examines your work at the paragraph and sentence levels. It enforces consistent content and tone while making sure the content makes sense to readers. It generally requires some rewriting or rearranging of sections of the text.


Copyediting is performed if you are satisfied with the way your text sounds to the ear. I do two levels of copyediting: light and medium. The light copyedit checks for grammatical correctness, consistency in style (use of number and abbreviations for instance), and mechanical correctness for things like punctuation. A medium copyedit will do all that and eliminate overly wordy passages and do lightly correct phrasing to clarify meaning if necessary.

Website Editing


Communications across your pages will be correct, consistent, and effective. So your users will receive the message you want them to get.  

Blog Posts

Posts will be formatted correctly. Proper grammar and plain language will deliver a positive message to your users. 


Content will be scrutinized to make sure it’s relevant, interesting, and engaging for your clients.

Sample editing checklist:

This is just a partial list. I can check all this and much more!

Style and Usage

Correct word choice: there? their? or they're? | Bias-free language|Numbers| En dash or Em dash ?| Hyphens| Acronyms


Splices| Run-ons| Fragments| Adjective and adverb use| Pronoun agreement| Commas | Subject-verb agreement

Illustrations and Tables

Numbers| Captions| Sources| Eliminate clutter| Proper layout| Text references| Coherency| Accuracy


Copyright| Plagiarism| Reference Lists| Notes| Bibliographies| Citations| Correct format for everything from books to social media

Work with me in three easy steps:


Contact Me

Send a message outlining the type of project, the level of copyedit you have in mind, and your timeline. If you wish, you can attach a short passage or page of the manuscript for me to read over.



I will get back in touch with you as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours) to set up a phone consultation. I will perform a one-page sample edit for free with no strings attached.



Once we decide on the scope of the project, the level of editing, the timeline, and the price range, we will sign a service agreement. Then you'll be on your way to a professionally-edited manuscript.

Contact me

For an estimate on rates and times, send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I asked Linda Maxie to assist with editing my revised book. She did an incredibly thorough job. I am the first to admit I cannot edit my work. She finished in a timely fashion and made many suggestions that I think will improve what was already a popular book. Having known Linda as a librarian at my alma mater, Patrick County High School, in Stuart, Virginia, I have always found her to be friendly and professional.
tom perry author
Tom Perry
LibraryLin is amazing! I submitted a cover letter and resume for editing and received amazing feedback just a few short hours later! I loved the fact she not only edited my submission with accurate MLA style guidance, but also offered a huge boost to my confidence for my next chapter professionally. I highly recommend Lin for any of your editing needs.
Audra Eckert
Graduate Student